• Englewood, Florida has everything you need for some fun in the sun: pristine beaches, fantastic fishing and amazing food.  We’ve combed the community to find the must-have foods you need to try when you visit our little piece of Florida.  Here is just a handful of our favorites.


    1033249144001 1826558153001 ari origin05 arc 186 1346965477367KEY LIME PIE


    An all-time favorite!  When you’re in Florida, Key lime pie is an absolute must-have.  Here’s a pro tip:  a true Key lime pie should be yellow, not green.  It should be a tangy, creamy treat with no hint of sweetness if it’s made right.  The traditional Conch version uses egg white to make a meringue topping but it’s more commonly consumed sans meringue.  On 1 July 2006, the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate both passed legislation selecting "Key lime pie" as the official pie of the state of Florida.




    When you’re this close to the Gulf of Mexico, you can't resist good seafood.  The bodies of stone crabs are relatively small and are rarely eaten, but the claws (chelae), which are large and strong enough to break an oyster's shell, are considered a delicacy.  Florida stone crabs are legal for harvest from October 15th until May 15th and are best served chilled with mustard sauce.




    Grouper is a premium fish and Southwest Florida has some of the best Grouper you can get.  It has a milder flavor and moist white meat that can be enjoyed by seafood lovers and non-seafood lovers alike.  Grouper can be prepared just about any way and is great as an entree, on a salad or as a sandwich with tartar sauce.




    We look at shrimp the same way we look at potato chips—you can’t eat just one!  That is definitely the case with these pink, sweet and plump morsels that come straight out of the Gulf of Mexico.  Enjoy them chilled, grilled, battered and fried with a side of cocktail sauce, if you so desire.


    ip0105 gator2.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.616.462GATOR


    Despite what you may have heard, gator does not taste like chicken but it is delicious.  It’s a bit chewier than most meats but when it’s battered and fried, it’s downright delicious!  If you’re trying to watch the calories, you can have grilled gator and still keep all the flavor—it’s even been said that it’s low in cholesterol.  No matter which way you like it, it’s one of those foods you just have to try when in Florida.