Fall is a special time in Florida. The leaves may not change color and fall as the name of the season would imply (we like our palm trees just the way they are anyways), but we do enjoy quite a bit more time outdoors than other countries once the cold months start to roll around. We’ll be the first to admit that summer gets hot in Florida, but now that it’s Fall, it’s time to enjoy some cooler, yet still beautiful weather. When writing about now being the perfect time to get out and play some golf, we found ourselves asking ‘what are some other things to get out and enjoy now that the weather’s turning?’ That led us to this: The Top 5 Things to do in Florida this Fall!

5. Take a Hike!

myakka state forest

With the temperature about to average at around 84° (not to mention the Summer humidity letting up), now is the ideal time to get out and enjoy some of Florida’s natural beauty! Having parks like Stump Pass, Myakka State Forest, Indian Mound Park, and Don Pedro Island State Park so close to the wannaB (all within 10 miles) means there’s nothing stopping you from getting out for the day and getting in touch with nature. Because, let’s face it, during the Summer, sometimes we’re perfectly fine with staying a little out of touch with nature.

4. Ride a Bike!

Specifically, in the ninth-annual Tour de North Port! Riding a bike can be strenuous work in the summer, but when the weather starts to cool down, there’s nothing like it! The Tour De North Port takes place every October and goes past some of the most beautiful pine flatwoods forests Florida has to offer. This is a great tour around North Port, and registration is open for people of all ages, so you can bring your entire family and make a day of it! Breakfast and lunch are both provided as part of the registration fees, so you won’t go hungry during your ride. It’s some of the most fun you can have on two wheels! If you don’t want to participate in the Tour de North Port, don’t worry! There are plenty of places to bike around the wannaB

3. Take in Some Culture at the Downtown Venice Art Festival

This free annual event is one of our favorites and indicates that Fall is truly underway. More than 100 artists participate in displaying their latest works, whether they be sculptures or paintings. The festival takes place November 3rd and 4th on West Venice Ave, just about a half-hour drive from the wannaB inn. With the Fall comes the perfect temperature to appreciate the art on display without having to rush into a building with air conditioning. Who knows, you may just end up with your next favorite photograph to hang on your wall when you return home – always a reminder of that beautiful Fall you spent in Florida.

2. Catch the Blues

Venice has one more trick up its sleeve this fall, and that’s the Venice Blues Festival! This year’s festival takes place on November 17th in Maxine Barrett Park. If you’re a blues lover, then do yourself a favor and head out to this festival featuring performances from Little Jake & the Soul Searchers, Travis Bowlin, Meg Williams and more! This is a night that blues fans won’t soon forget, and with the weather a little cooler, you’ll be able to stick out the whole show no problem.

 1. Who Could Forget Halloween?

One night of the year that absolutely screams fall is Halloween. If you’re bringing the kiddos with you for a stay at the wannaB inn this fall, it doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the fun of trick-or-treating! Quite the opposite, in fact! There are plenty of Halloween Haunts, and festivals to enjoy with the family, but our favorite is the Dearborn Street Halloween Safe Walk! For 23 years running, historic Dearborn St. in Englewood has been home to a trick-or-treating event with live Halloween music, photo props, costume contests and more! Kids absolutely love it (which makes mom and dad’s night a little easier), not to mention the plethora of restaurants on Dearborn St. so you can cap your night off with a bite to eat. Don’t miss out on Halloween this year, make sure your costumes are packed, and head down to Dearborn St. – or should we say Deadborn St. – this October 31st for a spooky night for the whole family!

Florida is automatically associated with summer, but the truth is, there’s plenty of fun to be had all year round at the wannaB inn. You just have to know where to look. With plenty of awesome activities happening during the Fall, and with the temperature taking a bit of a drop (thank goodness), there’s never been a better time to stay with us.