We love the summer, and so do our guests! We love it so much that it’s all we can think about even though spring just started. The sun, the time off, the…heat. Oh, that’s right, summers in Florida can get pretty hot. Luckily, the wannaB has plenty of ways for you to enjoy the beautiful summer and stay cool. It’s no wonder why so many of our guests love staying here during the hottest months of the year. So, if you can’t handle the heat, there’s no need to get out of the kitchen…just move to somewhere a little cooler. We’ll show you how.

Get in the Water

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One of the best ways to avoid baking out in the sun is to take a dip in the water! Luckily, the wannaB faces roughly 900’ of beautiful, Gulf of Mexico facing beachfront. Of course, it’s important to make sure you’ve applied (and re-applied) the appropriate amount of sunscreen – the water may make you cooler, but it won’t stop the sun’s rays – but there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in the water when it’s a hot 82° outside. Not a fan of swimming in the ocean? Then you’re the perfect candidate for plunging into one of our two on-site pools! Both pools are outfitted with gorgeous Sun-decks and are within close walking distance to all of our accommodations.

Why Not Add Some Fun in the Sun?

There’s plenty of fun to be had with sports around the wannaB, but when it starts to get really warm out there, nothing beats the cool breeze in your hair while you’re riding the waves in a stand-up paddleboard or kayak. Our guests love getting out and exploring Lemon Bay. Once you’re there, why not stay for a while and check out Lemon Bay Park? This beautiful park includes a boardwalk where you can observe the mangroves along the bay, and if you happen to walk down one of the many nature trails, you might just catch a glimpse of a bald eagle nesting site! A quick stand-up paddleboard or kayak trip with the family is all you’ll need for an afternoon of fun in the park’s natural shade.

Anyone for a Drink?

Of course, the water is going to keep you cool while you’re in it, but eventually you’ll have to get out to keep yourself fed. Luckily, sandbar tiki grille viewjust a two-minute drive (ten-minute walk) from the wannaB is the Sand Bar Tiki & Grille. This tiki themed restaurant is a favorite of our guests and offers a wide selection of specialty drinks to help you cool down on a hot summer’s day! The extensive drink menu can be previewed right here, but our favorites are the frozen ‘Don Julio Margarita’ and ‘Captain Morgan Pina Colada.’ These chilled drinks are sure to cool you down inside and out and can be a great way to finish off a day in the water. If you want to get out a little earlier though, the Sand Bar offers Happy Hour from 11am-6pm, with live entertainment every day! Plus, it’s not just drinks. The Sand Bar has a huge lunch and dinner menu that’s sure to satisfy any craving!

Sleep Comfortably

A day of excitement and trying to stay cool is sure to tire anyone out. Luckily each one of our delightful accommodations are incredibly comfortable and rich in charm. You’ll love to call your room home each night, due not only in part to the fact that every room comes equipped with an air conditioner unit. This may not seem like a big deal when planning a vacation, but trust us, you’ll be thankful you thought about it when you feel that refreshing chilly air as you’re drifting off each night. It’s a small, but important luxury that we’re happy to offer during your stay.


The weather in Florida is beautiful all year round, but it’s true that some months can get hotter than others. As long as proper precautions, such as: wearing light clothing, staying hydrated, and making use of sunscreen are followed, then the heat is more than manageable. In fact, plenty of our guests prefer to stay with us during summer because its so warm, and if it gets too hot, there are plenty of ways for you to stay cool. So, if you’re looking ahead to your summer vacation, don’t let the sun scare you off. We love the summer at the wannaB inn, and we know that you will too. We can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

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