There are plenty of things to keep you occupied during your stay at the wannaB. Whether you’re a fishing person, explorer, sports-fan, or just a relaxer (which there’s nothing wrong with, of course) there’s one thing that unites us…we all gotta eat. Here at the wannaB, we love food, and it just so happens that we’re privy to some of the best – and freshest – food around. Like the Englewood Farmers’ Market, which operates just a mere twelve minutes away from our accommodations. Fine food is one of the best things about a vacation, and it doesn’t get much finer than what’s offered at the Englewood Farmers’ Market.

What they Offer

One of the best things about the Englewood Farmers’ Market is that you’ll have more than one opportunity to catch it during your stay. It’s open every Thursday from October through May, from 9:00am until 2:00pm. The Market is a culinary hot-spot too, as local and organic produce, baked goods, seafood, dairy, plants, herbs, prepared foods and more are for sale each week. Whether you enjoy preparing a meal, or just eating one, you’ll be able to find something to your liking at the Farmers’ Market.


It’s not just about the food either, The Farmers’ Market is fun too! It’s been described as THE event of the week, and it’s located in the heart of the historic Dearborn St. in Englewood. So, whether you feel like picking something up or not, you can have an enjoyable time walking through Dearborn, taking in the gorgeous Florida weather.

Cooking on Vacation?

If you do end up grabbing some groceries, we can assure you that they’ll be some of the freshest you’ve ever had! The produce is

image of: grape and avocado salsasourced from local farmers, seafood is fresh caught from local fishermen, and all the breads are baked fresh from seven gourmet bakers who even offer gluten-free options. All of the vendors can be found right here, but take it from us, you’re going to love the fresh ingredients offered at the Englewood Farmers’ Market.

And what do you do with ingredients? The Englewood Farmers’ Market website suggests over a dozen recipes for you to try out using the fresh products purchased from the market. They all look delicious, but we’re partial to the grape & avocado salsa – a very summery snack that doesn’t take much time to prepare, so once you’re finished, you can get back to relaxing. But hey, while you’re here, why not try out all the recipes that catch your eye? Our rooms are outfitted with full kitchens, so you can cook to your heart’s content!

The Englewood Farmers’ Market really is a wonderful way to spend a Thursday afternoon. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if you make it a destination on more than one occasion during your stay with us. A dinner cooked with these fresh ingredients is the perfect compliment to a relaxing day at the wannaB. We look forward to seeing you, and to hearing all about what you’re going to cook for dinner!

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