Who Doesn’t Love Fishing? 

18838925 1407631169304515 4735146950436246310 nSMLIt’s the perfect activity whether you’re solo, or out with a few of your closest friends and family; and one of the most relaxing pass times there is.  But, as relaxing as it is, nothing matches the exhilarating feeling of hooking a fish and reeling it in.  Fishing is an activity that requires patience but, when your patience finally pays off, and you get a shot at a fish like these guys here; there’s nothing like it!  If you’re into fishing as much as we are, then you’re going to love your stay at Weston’s wannaBinn - located right in the area that many call the ‘fishing capital of the world.’


There are plenty of fishing opportunities around the wannaB, and the fish are varied and plentiful. Here’s some of the fishing that we enjoy most around here:


Fishing Opportunities

Tarpon Fishing

 Tarpon fishing season lasts from April until August. Right now, we’re in the heat of tarpon season, and the fish are everywhere. In fact, some days you can see the tarpon in their feeding frenzy right from the shore! Weston’s wannaB inn is just a few short minutes from the resort is Boca Grande Pass, which offers the best tarpon fishing in the world!


Shallow Water, Bay Fishing

 Looking for a more relaxing experience? Redfish and snook can be found all throughout the Lemon Bay. The water levels may not be as high, but that doesn’t mean you won't catch as many fish. These waters are practically brimming with fish, so your experience will be as gainful as it is calming.


Nearshore Fishing

 Florida is famous for its grouper and snapper, but we’ve got some other fish that make for some great eating too! Namely our flounder, triple-tail, sheepshead and triggerfish. Looking to have a great time and catch dinner for the whole family? Our nearshore fishing is just the thing for you.


Fishing Trips 

What better way to catch some fish than to head out on a boat with a bonafide captain?


Tail Chaser Charters – Capt. Chris O’Neill

Captain Chris O’Neill has guided over one thousand fishing charters in the Englewood and Sarasota waters.  Venture into the waters of Southwest Florida with Tail Chaser Charters and you will not be disappointed.  www.tailchasercharters.com.


Captain Greg Thayer will take you on “an unforgettable adventure on the finest fishing grounds that Southwest Florida has to offer.” Captain Thayer will provide knowledge and techniques to help you catch that massive fish you’ll be telling your friends about for the rest of your life. For more information, check out his website here. http://www.bocagrandetarpon.com


Or you can book a charter with Captain LeRoy Bennett to catch Snook, Redfish, Tarpon, Trout, Triple-tail. Shark, Permit and many more. To find out more about what Captain Bennett has to offer, check out his website here. http://www.captleroybennett.com/index.php


Enjoy Yourself

 Whatever your style of fishing, we’re confident you’ll have a terrific time doing it right here at Weston’s wannaBinn. Many of our guests have been featured on our Twitter and Facebook pages thanks to the incredible specimens they’ve managed to catch, and you could be next! So book your stay with us today, and come out to enjoy some great fishing fun. You deserve it.


More information about fishing seasons can be found here http://www.wannabinn.com/images/saltwater-seasons-chart-gulf.pdf and the tide chart can be found here http://tides.mobilegeographics.com/calendar/month/1806.html


Happy fishing!